Company Profile

MIARA TRANSPORTATION originated in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1956 and was incorporated in 1962. Our new facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts is perfectly situated at Routes 93, 95 and 495, allowing us easy access to all the major highways of the New England states.

Our Millwrights and Riggers are seasoned professionals, well versed in the art of moving heavy machinery. Our road crews are all experienced drivers, with many miles under their tires. We specialize in permit loads: High, Wide, or Heavy. All our equipment is kept in top-notch condition by on-staff mechanics.

Miara Transportation has since joined forces with Sherman Crane, Russell-Stimpson, W. F. Harnum Rigging, G&M Trucking, D.L. Quinn Riggers, and Northeast Pilot Car. This expansion has helped us specialize in advanced crane services, broaden our expertise to the graphic arts industries with Russell-Stimpson and increase our rigging capacity with W. F. Harnum, while still providing exceptional hauling services across the United States and Canada.

Our mission at Miara Transportation is to continually strive to outperform our competitors in the Rigging, Distribution, Transportation, Crane and Warehousing fields. By achieving this goal we will have satisfied our responsibilities to our customers, employees, management and our community.

We will treat our employees fairly and with respect, openness and honesty. We solicit and respond to their ideas, and reward meaningful contributions to our success. This, we feel, offers opportunity for growth and a high degree of employment security.

We are committed to continued growth in North American markets, along with exploration of global markets.